Newaxeyes operates on the boundary of cohesion and chaos. The Seattle quartet forms an aggregate of sonic elements informed by a an ever-expanding palette of influences, musical and beyond. The results are intrinsically diverse, texturally complex, and given to equal parts menace and beauty.

“Their sound is a bleakly post-modern collage of influences and inferences, always threatening to unspool, but kept together through artful stitching and bloody-minded purpose.” —Kyle Fleck, The Stranger

“Newaxeyes don’t really sound like anybody else in Seattle… They use samplers, crazy distorted synth drums, gut shaking digital low-end, and gorgeous guitar melodies (that often descend into chaos) to make this music that sounds like the internet holding a funeral dirge for the death of humankind.” —Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly

“Newaxeyes’ music is dark without being hackneyed, abrasive yet nuanced, psychedelic in non-obvious ways. Everything’s distorted, all of the time … Newaxeyes are Seattle’s most exciting new band.” —Dave Segal, The Stranger

05/13/16 Seattle, WA Colombia City Theater
Hive Mind, Brett Naucke, Benoit Pioulard, Spectrum Control, Ilyas Ahmed, Xua, DIAD (Chloe Harris & Timm Mason), Visible Cloaks, Medina/Walsh, DoNormaal, LA Lungs, Knifecream, KO Solo, Meridian Arc, Ant’lrd, Acre, Somesurprises, Pink Void, Oil Thief, Monika Khot, Diogenes, Granma. 8:00pm. $30 (weekend pass). 21+. Details.

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