Newaxeyes operates on the boundary of cohesion and chaos. The Seattle quartet forms an aggregate of sonic elements informed by a an ever-expanding palette of influences, musical and beyond. The results are intrinsically diverse, texturally complex, and given to equal parts menace and beauty.

“Newaxeyes’ music is dark without being hackneyed, abrasive yet nuanced, psychedelic in non-obvious ways. Everything’s distorted, all of the time … Newaxeyes are Seattle’s most exciting new band.” —Dave Segal, The Stranger

“An exciting up-and-coming quartet steeped in glitchy, meditative beats. Their songs burn slowly and shine brightly.” —KEXP

“There’s probably some illuminati stuff going on here.” —Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly

06/06/15 Seattle, WA Big Building
Cabana, Kithkin, The Hoot Hoots, Gibraltar, Sun Blood Stories, KA, The Spider Ferns, Parade Schedule, Cloud Person, & Yet, Oh Dear!, Coma Figura, Fantastic Animals, Low Hums, Great Grandpa, Gang Cult, Charms, youryoungbody, Ole Tinder, Crazy Eyes, Gems, Gabriel Mintz, Eastern Souvenirs, Ana, Lisa, Zoolab, Nightspace, WMD, Raveghost, DJ Muff, Friend, Good Foot, Joey Webb, Jimi Jaxon, Airport, Reticulator. 4:00pm. $20. 21+. Details.

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  • June 6th
  • RT @ChopSueySeattle: TONIGHT: @Swahilinoise record release show with @MiddayVeil and @newaxeyes! Doors at 8PM!
  • RT @TLOrecords: Catch the "spiritualized glam disco" of @Swahilinoise with @MiddayVeil and @newaxeyes this Thurs @ChopSueySeattle - http://…