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07/23/17 Seattle, WA Neumos
Capitol Hill Block Party. 8:00pm. 21+. Details.
07/15/17 Seattle, WA The Crocodile
Algiers. 8:00pm. 21+. Details.
07/13/17 Seattle, WA Highline
Silence In The Snow, Dust Mice. 8:00pm. 21+. Details.
06/10/17 Seattle, WA Highline
Mono/Poly, Huxley Anne, Diogenes. 8:00pm. 21+. Details.
05/18/17 Seattle, WA Barboza
Youryoungbody, somesurprises. 8:00pm. 21+. Details.
03/21/17 Seattle, WA Kremwerk
with Xiu Xiu. 8:00pm. $13. 21+. Details.
12/29/16 Seattle, WA Neumos
with Bad Luck, Sassyblack, and Zen Mother. 8:00pm. $12. 21+. Details.
08/12/16 Seattle, WA Sunset Tavern
5:00pm. 15. 21+. Details.
08/02/16 Seattle, WA Chop Suey
CHARMS, Prissy Whip. 8:00pm. $8. 21+. Details.
07/15/16 Seattle, WA Fred Wildlife Refuge
‘The 8th Passenger’ release party — Aeon Fux, Lilac, Canh Solo, DJ Salinger. 8:00pm. $12. 21+. Details.
06/09/16 Seattle, WA LoFi
Grey Waves, Zen Mother, Bog, Chocolate Chuck, Kblanq. 8:00pm. $7. 21+. Details.
05/18/16 Seattle, WA Fred Wildlife Refuge
Benefit for Sarah Scherer’s Recovery — Wolfgang Fuck, The Botherations, A Province of Thay. 8:00pm. 21+. Details.
05/13/16 Seattle, WA Colombia City Theater
Hive Mind, Brett Naucke, Benoit Pioulard, Spectrum Control, Ilyas Ahmed, Xua, DIAD (Chloe Harris & Timm Mason), Visible Cloaks, Medina/Walsh, DoNormaal, LA Lungs, Knifecream, KO Solo, Meridian Arc, Ant’lrd, Acre, Somesurprises, Pink Void, Oil Thief, Monika Khot, Diogenes, Granma. 8:00pm. $30 (weekend pass). 21+. Details.
03/17/16 Seattle, WA Sunset Tavern
Thunderpussy, Constant Lovers. 8:00pm. $15. 21+. Details.
01/22/16 Seattle, WA Black Lodge
Jo Passed, Hanna and the Goose, Pleasures. 8:00pm. Suggested donation. All Ages/Licensed. Details.
12/06/15 Seattle, WA Barboza
He Whose Ox Is Gored, Nudes. 8:00pm. $10. 21+. Details.
11/04/15 Seattle, WA Barboza
Zoolab + King Snake, Pillar Point (DJ set). 8:00pm. $5 adv / $7 door. 21+. Details.
06/27/15 Seattle, WA New Tomorrow
LP FUNDRAISING PARTY with Bod, Great Spiders, David Balatero, DJs Jimi Jaxon & Baloogz (Fish Tank Friends). 7:00pm. $10–20 suggested. All Ages. Details.
06/14/15 Seattle, WA Hard Rock Cafe
Featuring a live visual collaboration with Ben Van Citters. Part of ARTACHE MARKET. 1:00pm. FREE. All Ages. Details.
06/06/15 Seattle, WA Big Building
Cabana, Kithkin, The Hoot Hoots, Gibraltar, Sun Blood Stories, KA, The Spider Ferns, Parade Schedule, Cloud Person, & Yet, Oh Dear!, Coma Figura, Fantastic Animals, Low Hums, Great Grandpa, Gang Cult, Charms, youryoungbody, Ole Tinder, Crazy Eyes, Gems, Gabriel Mintz, Eastern Souvenirs, Ana, Lisa, Zoolab, Nightspace, WMD, Raveghost, DJ Muff, Friend, Good Foot, Joey Webb, Jimi Jaxon, Airport, Reticulator. 4:00pm. $20. 21+. Details.
05/14/15 Seattle, WA Chop Suey
Midday Veil, Swahili, DJ Explorateur. 8:00pm. $10. 21+. Details.
04/20/15 Seattle, WA Northwest Film Forum
Performing new soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic ALIEN. 8:00pm. $15. All Ages. Details.
04/19/15 Seattle, WA Highline
Scriptures, Ubu Roi, SSDD. 9:00pm. $7. 21+. Details.
02/19/15 Seattle, WA Kremwerk
Raveghost, Sphyramid, Dream Beat, Jimi Jaxon. 9:00pm. 21+. Details.
02/11/15 Seattle, WA Vermillion
Raica, Timm Mason & Kaori Suzuki. 8:00pm. 21+. Details.
01/29/15 Seattle, WA The Crocodile
Iska Dhaaf, Grave Babies. 8:00pm. $10. 21+. Details.
11/15/14 Seattle, WA Triple Door
Rain Parade, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Tjutjuna, Residual Echoes, Kingdom of the Holy Sun. 8:00pm. $20. 21+. Details.
10/31/14 Seattle, WA Vermillion
Truckasauras, Vox Mod. 8:00pm. free. 21+. Details.
09/22/14 Seattle, WA Kremwerk
DJ SET — with Zoolab / MTBTZ, DJ Shane, Lichinka. 9:00pm. FREE. 21+. Details.
08/05/14 Seattle, WA Barboza
Xiu Xiu, Circuit Des Yeux. 8:00pm. $10. Details.
06/28/14 Seattle, WA GATEWAY
“Indian Summer” – Rose Windows, Midday Veil, Crypts, MTNS, Haunted Horses, Kingdom of the Holy Sun, Swahili, Circuit Vine, Lightning Kills Eagle, DJ Explorateur. 8:00pm. $10. All Ages. Details.
06/14/14 Seattle, WA House Party
Raphi Gottesman. 8:00pm. Free. All Ages. Details.
05/31/14 Seattle, WA Funk Haus
“Quarter Century Show” — Nice&AO, VOX MOD, Zoolab. 8:00pm. Free. All Ages. Details.
05/12/14 Seattle, WA The Royal Room
Steve O’Brien’s Decomposers. 8:00pm. All Ages. Details.
04/03/14 Seattle, WA Chop Suey
Lazer Kitty, Circuit Vine, Lightning Kills Eagle. 8:00pm. $10. All Ages. Details.
03/28/14 Seattle, WA Hollow Earth Radio
“Magma Fest” — Strategy, Simic, Joseph Gaard. 7:00pm. $8. All Ages. Details.
02/23/14 Seattle, WA Velocity Dance Center
Maiah Manser, Kairos. 7:00pm. $10. All Ages. Details.
01/31/14 Seattle, WA Cornish Playhouse
“Smoosh” with Katie Kate, DJ Terry Radjaw. 7:00pm. $20. All Ages.
01/24/14 Seattle, WA Lovecitylove
Baloogz, Cry Club, Little Weather. 11:00pm. No Minors.
01/23/14 Seattle, WA Capitol Cider
11:00pm. Free. Details.
01/10/14 Seattle, WA Cairo
“Expo 91″. Nice&AO, USF, Black Hat, Youryoungbody. 7:00pm. $7. All Ages. Details.
12/13/13 - 12/15/13 Seattle, WA Velocity Dance Center
“Next Fest NW: Touch”. Performing ||Bardo|| with Matt Drews and Coulliette [tPH], various artists. 8:00pm. $18. No Minors.
12/03/13 Seattle, WA Barboza
Kid Smpl, Zoolab, Algebraic Satellite. 8:00pm. $7. Details.
11/23/13 Seattle, WA Bar Sue
10:00pm. No Minors.
10/12/13 Seattle, WA The Chapel Performance Space
“iET+I Presents: IM.PERF.ECT: IMpromptu PERFormances project”. Bob Campbell/Jarrad Powell, Griffin Boyd, Ben Marx/ Will Smith/Jordan Rundle, tPH, Andre Coutoure. 8:00pm. $5 – $15. No Minors.
09/29/13 Seattle, WA Vermillion
Modern Recollections: “Of Course I’m Not a Killer”, lotide. 9:30pm. Free. No Minors.
09/18/13 Baltimore, MD 2640 Space
High Zero Festival. 8:00pm. $10. All Ages.
09/15/13 Baltimore, MD Club K
Lesionread, Kristachuwan, Nick Hope. 8:00pm. $7. No Minors.
08/18/13 Seattle, WA Spin Cycle Records
8:00pm. Free. All Ages.

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